Tuesday, 24 June 2014


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This animal is a mammal.  The Lioingo (the animals name) weighs in between 50 - 100 kgs, its height is 1 ½ meters tall and 50 cms across.  This mammal has flamingo legs, monkey arms, wolfs tail and a lions mane.
The Lioingo is a omnivore ( eats plants and meat ) It fest on plants and fruits that fall from the tree tops, as well as small rodents.
The Lioingo lives in a moist environment like forest in Asia for instance.  It has evolved to live in different environment how does it do this? well it is a mix of bird and mammal so with the help of its monkey like arms it is able to swing from vine to vine thats how its able to swing from vine to vine in the forest.  
The reason why the Lioingo has a mane is to scare away predators that are trying to eat it, or kill it for territory and its one of the most rare and endangered animals in the world!

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