Monday, 17 March 2014

M&M Experiment

My M&M experiment
Last Tuesday my class was able to do an experiment on M M&M’s.  We had a see through cup and an M&M.   
         First we put the M&M in the see through cup filled with water.  We didn't see much going on until a couple of minutes later the colour started to fade, but the M on the M&M was still stuck on.  It was quite boring but interesting at the same time.
        Then when all of the colour evaporated it sank to the bottom of the cup my Tyre is that the food coloring was heavier than the water, but the same one thing stayed the same  the M it was some how still on?
          Later on the M on the M&M on most of my classmates started to float to the surface, but one question still remained with me.  How was the M on the M&M able to stay on that long but I wonder what will happen when it’s in mouths.        

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